World Without Anger (WWA)

An International WWA Journal, Research Division, Nepal

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The WWA Research Division foster’s the recognition of psychology& Psychosocial as a science. It helps to expand psychology’s role in advancing health and maximizing organizational effectiveness.

The specific goals/objectives are:

1) To encourage psychological research, education, and training on issues concerning peace, nonviolent conflict resolution, reconciliation, and the causes, consequences and prevention of war and other forms of destructive conflict.
2) To provide an organization that fosters communication among researchers, teachers, and practitioners who are working on peace issues. and
3) To apply the knowledge and the skills of psychology for the advancement of peace, non-violent conflict resolution, reconciliation, and the prevention of war and other forms of destructive conflict.

Our International Editorial Advisory Board is chaired by Professor Murari Prasad Regmi, PhD and consists of highly respected academics, noted for expertise in their fields. With a wealth of collective publishing experience, our Editorial Advisory Board plays a key role in helping us to steer the focus of the WWA Research Division, and to nurture and develop talent in academic publishing.



Message from the
Editorial Board Chair

On behalf of the entire editorial team I convey our sincere gratitude to all of our many authors and reviewers who have

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